Development of renewable energy plants

Byom operates in the sector of development for photovoltaic and wind renewable energy plants, covering the entire value chain through the use of internal resources and a selected network of partners. Among the main services related to the development phases of the plants, we have:

  • Identification of sites and negotiation of purchase contracts or surface rights with the land owners.
  • Engineering management of the project in the preparation and issuing of permits and authorizations.
  • Request for connection to the electricity grid.
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation as part of the authorization process.
  • Management and monitoring of the authorization process and relations with the bodies involved.
  • Identification and presentation of the necessary authorizations in the construction phase.
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Starting in 2021, proprietary developments have been launched, for a total capacity of approximately 200 MWp (PV and wind), and for third parties, mainly industrial operators and investment funds, for a total capacity of approximately 300 MWp (PV).

Asset Management

Byom offers a wide range of qualified Asset Management services for renewable energy plants. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and professional support every step of the way. Here is a preview of the services we offer:

  • Construction of plants in the renewable energy sector: we manage the plant construction process, coordinating the activities of the various parties involved to guarantee the quality and performance of their work. We also take care of relations with the competent bodies during the operation of the plants.
  • Operational management of assets up to decommissioning: we offer assistance in the day-to-day management of plants, monitoring production and performance to identify any improvements or revamping activities. We also take care of relations with network managers, the GSE and other institutional interlocutors.
  • Assistance in asset purchase/sale operations: we support clients in the asset purchase or sale process, providing technical evaluations and assistance in the analysis of existing project documentation and in the negotiation of investment agreements.
Development of renewable energy plants

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