Development and Construction

  • Identification of the sites and negotiation of the Purchase/Surface Right contracts with the land owners;
  • Project engineering management in the preparation and issuing of permits and authorizations;
  • Request for connection to the electricity grid;
  • Preparation of the documentation to be presented as part of the authorization process;
  • Management and monitoring of the authorization process and contextual management of relations with the bodies involved;
  • Identification and presentation of the necessary permits in the phase of building and managing relations with the bodies involved.

Technical and Commercial Asset Management

  • Support and assistance in the technical evaluation of PV systems in operation;
  • Management and supervision of the various contractors and related performances (EPC Contractors, O&M Contractors, Utilities, Insurance Companies);
  • Management of relations with the competent bodies during the operation of the plants;
  • Support in managing the relationship with the competent Network Operator (connections, changes to technical standards, management of interruptions);
  • Support in managing the relationship with the Energy Services Manager (GSE);
  • Control and monitoring of the plant with a focus on production and performance to identify any improvements and/or revamping activities;
  • Support in identifying possible alternatives for the sale of the energy produced by the plant;
  • Periodic reporting on plant performance.


  • Identification of «tailored» revamping solutions that take into account performance and business planning aspects;
  • Management and monitoring of requests for permits, licenses and authorizations to be obtained from the competent subjects (local authorities, private individuals, Network Operators, etc.) necessary for the revamping/repowering of the plants.